Foundation Piles

Access For All lift and platform work

Location:  Birchwood, Warrington

Client: J Murphy & Sons, Network Rail



restricted access piles

Project Overview

Under the Access For All scheme, major work was required to improve the platform and pedestrian lift facilities. Birchwood station required a new lfit on each platform plus a replacement pedestrian staircase and bridge.

Pennine Geotechnical was instructed to install 45 number 300mm piles to depths of up to 15metres. The bores were drilled using odex techniques and the case and augur method as dictated by the ground conditions which included bands of running sand.

Pennine elected to use 2 different rigs: a KR702 for day work and a SM401 for night time work. The day work was undertaken with no disturbance to the normal busy commuter traffic. All work was undertaken in very restricted space thereby not any car parking or vehicular of pedestrian access.




Installation of 43 piles, 300mm diameter

Reinforcement: full length cage plus centre bar


Technical Information


SM401 with Odex DTHH

Self contained grout plant unit