Tunnel Reinforcement and Shaft stabilisation


Location:  Farnworth, Bolton

Client: J Murphy & Sons, Network Rail



Project Overview

As part of the electrification project in the North West of England, a new tunnel is being bored under the A666 in Bolton. 

The new tunnel was bored thorugh the existing Victorian infrastructure included the partial use of the downline tunnel. Pennine Geotechnical was instructed by JMS to ito install 54 number spiles at 8metre depths in to the north and south tunnel portals. The spiles would serve to reinforce the existing tunnel portal and the new portal required for the new tunnel. 

Pennine deployed crews to work continuously 24 hours/day over 6 days/week. The spiles were installed using the case and augur technique.

The drilling was undertaken by Pennine Geotechnical's heavy duty TD308 feedbeam which was mounted on a 20 tonne excavator. The driller was positioned on a nearby scaffold platform, assisted by other operatives on MEWPS.

The shaft stabilisation work was again undertaken by deploying crew to work continuously over several consecutive days. Several rows of mini spiles were installed using Pennine's specialy adapted TD308 rig.





Installation of 8metre spiles, 173mm diameter

Reinforcement: full length 173mm chs 

Installation of mini spiles


Technical Information

TD308 feedbeam, TD308 mini rig 

20T excavator