Restricted access piles, Bristol

Buidling of new lifeboat house & slipway

Location:  Portishead, Bristol

Client: Andrew Scott


ground anchors

Project Overview

The RNLI commissioned the building of a state of the art new lifeboat house and slipway in Portishead, Avon. The new station was built at a distance from the existing one and in an area where the tidal conditions are notorious with a tidal range of up to 12metres. Pennine was instructed to anchor back an existing wall adjacent to the new boathouse, install restricted access piles for the new boathouse, install piles for the seating beam and slipway toe beam and install the ramp piles.

Whilst some of the work was exclusively land based, the greater proportion was undertaken from the beach. This work was effected by the tidal conditions which dictated variable shift patterns and split shifts to accommodate the tides. Plant was specially treated at Pennine’s in house work shop to combat the corrosive effects of seawater and environmentally friendly oils and lubricants were used given the site’s location.

Pennine installed approximately 200 different piles and anchors using a range of different DSI bars for each application.  Detailed planning was required for the ramp piles which were installed in clusters and therefor e sensitive to interconnection considerations. The grout mixture was carefully selected for each application, taking into account tidal conditions, curing times and required strengths



Installation of 18 anchors at depths up to 11metres

Installation at 15 restricted access piles of 168mm diameter

Installation of ramp piles of 190mm diameter


Technical Information

KR709 crawler rig

Adva Cast

Conbextra GP/Conbextra UW                           

Sika 212                                               

Pozament BC82P