Kingpost Retaining Wall, Leeds

Stabilisation of major highway

Location:  Garforth, Leeds

Client: COLAS, Leeds City Council

Designer: Geological Engineering


Project Overview

A major A road was suffering severe subsidence with the retaining wall showing signs of distress in several discrete locations. The fall from the highway to the adjacent field was 4 metres and a long term solution was required.

Pennine instructed Geological Engineering to develop a solution for the scheme. This involved the installation of temporary sheet piles prior to the commencement of drilling work. As key arterial route the client wanted to minimise the duration of the partial road closure.

Pennine Geotechnical worked a series of 6 days weeks installing 50 king posts over a non contiguous length of 200 metres. Pennine also applied a grout accelerator to assist the client in minimising the works programme period.





Drilling of 50number 10m metre 450mm diameter bores

Installation of 50 kingposts

Installation of ACP concrete panels


Technical Information

SM14 rig

QL 120 hammer

Self contained grout mixer and agitation units