Ground Anchors

Argoed retaining wall stabilisation


Location:  Argoed, South Wales

Client: Dyer & Butler



ground anchor contractor

Project Overview


Dyer and Butler required the specialist ground anchor services of Pennine Geotechnical to stabilse the retaining wall on the important A4048.

The wall was exhibiting signs of severe distress and remedial work was made difficult by working conditons and access. A solution was developed by Pennine which took account of the state of the wall, the near vertical access and local easements.

Pennine developed a high torque, feed beam mast with a quick hitch working off the hydraulics of a 20 tonne excavator. 


30 ground anchors were installed at depths of up to 12metres using a feed beam fitted with  Krupp head.


Technical Information

Soil Nails – Dywvidag R32N nails

TD308 based feed beam