Ground Anchors, Chorley

Preparation for line electrification

Location:  Chorley

Client: Stobart Rail, Network Rail

Engineer: Amey


ground anchors

Project Overview

A major Network Rail project is the electrification of extensive sections of the northwest infrastructure. A key part of this is the Manchester to Preston line via Chorley, including the histioric Chorley Flying Arches area..

The electrification project required the lowering of the track bed through tunnels in order provide adequate clearance for the overhead lines and equipment. A consequence of the track bed lowering is the need for structures to be stabilised as a compensation for the removal of substantial track ballast.

Pennine was instructed install and test a series of anchors over 4 consecutive weekends. The results of this exercise enabled Amey to value engineer the design. Pennine was commissioned to install the design.

Pennine worked over 2 consecutive 54 hour weekend blockades. It operated three teams per shift. Each team comprised a drilling team, using an RRV mounted TEI mast, and dedicated grouting crew.



Installation & testing of test anchors

Installation of 254 anchors at depths up to 16 metres

Ischebeck 40/10 bar and 110mm bits


Technical Information

RRV mounted TEI masts

Self contained grout mixer and agitation units