Ground Anchors 

Sandhills, Network Rail

Location:  Sandhills, Liverpool

Client: Stobart Rail



ground anchor contractor

Project Overview

Network Rail had commissioned a bridge deck replacement at Sandhill railway station, Liverpool. The bridge was being replaced on Christmas Day 2011. Hence all preparatory works were time critical.

ground anchor contractorPrior to movement of the bridge, the two Victorian abutment walls had to be held in place and a ground anchor solution was chosen.  The anchors were to be installed in two rows and with the top row close to the underside of the Victorian bridge “I” beams. This presented major obstacles in identifying plant capable of working with this limited head room and consequent short stroke and yet still able to install the design.

Pennine Geotechnical’s in house fabrication and engineering  department designed adaptations to the in house fleet in order to meet the challenge.


The chosen design solution was the installation of 56 Dywidag permanent double corrosion protected Ground Anchors at depths of up to 31 metres.  Ground Anchors were installed at 20 degrees below the horizontal and a 16 degree rake to the abutment.


Technical Information

Ground Anchors: 30mm Dywidag GEWI plus threadbar
SM401 standard mast
SM401 short mast