Ground Stabilisation

Location:  Bournemouth

Client: Dean & Dyball

Project Overview

Pennine was called into solve a particularly difficult problem immediately before Christmas. A major water supply pipeline was discovered to be subsiding at an alarming rate raising the possibility of it rupturing with potentially disasterous consequences. Local residents were faced with the possibility of a disrupted water supply during the Christmas period.

Dean & Dyball are a framework contractor for Wessex Water. They assessed the situation and identifying the need for ground stabilistion specialists, they appointed Pennine. Pennine devised a scheme involving multi level injection points over a stretch of ground of 100m+ with each injection closely monitored for pressure an volume.

Working 7 days a week for some weeks, Pennine resolved the situation and enabled the residents of Percy Road to have a peaceful Christmas.


soil nailing grouting



A total over 200tonnes of grout was interval injected to stabilise the ground surrounding the pipeline.

Technical Information

Soil Nails – Ischebeck 40/16

Drilling equipment - KR802

Other equipment - Piston pumps, colloidal mixers