King Post Retaining Wall, Ground Anchors

Works in preparation for new crossing over River Wye


Location:  Hereford

Client: Andrew Scott Limited


king post retaining wall ground anchors


Project Overview

Hereford and Worcester council had commissioned a new pedestrian footbridge to be built over the River Wye. The southern side was to be built adjacent to a water treament service road and bridge spanning the river overflow outlet.

Pennine used its high torque, feed beam mast with a quick hitch working off the hydraulics of a 20 tonne excavator. This mast is designed to work "over the edge" providing exceptional versatility in accessing more difficult drilling locations.

Pennine Geotechnical was required to install a king post retaining wall between the service road and the river bank apron. A total of 54 king posts with sacrifical casing was installed. The king post wall was then to be secured by ground anchors installed into the embankment to a depth of 30m and then completed with a waler beam.

Pennine Geotechnical was then instructed to install a series of crash barrier anchors.

Pennine's extensive in house range of plant meant that it was able to provide all the equipment required for these 3 separate activities. Pennine undertook the anchor testing to BS8081and procured the design of the scheme from Terrain Geotechnical.

Particular challenges of the job included working in a tight weekend window from 07.00 Saturday to 18.00 on Sunday pm. and the fact that the principal contractor went out of business mid job.



54 king posts - 152/152/37kg UC

18 Ground Anchors -Ischebeck 52/26

18 crash barrier anchors -ischebeck IT52/26


Technical Information

Soilmec401 crawler rig c/w rotary drilling head

Super Jaws system

Terranox DTH

TD308 c/w KruppHB35 drifter

Pennine excavator based feed beam c/w Krupp HB35 drifter