King post retaining wall 

Location:  Holden Wood Reservoir, Haslingden

Client: Eric Wright Civil Engineering Limited

Project Overview

United Utilities is a long term client of Eric Wright Civil Engineering Limited. EWCE was instructed to undertake certain major work on this reservoir including: construction of reinforced overflow facilities and auxilliary overflow channel, reducing downstream slope of embankment including retaining structures. Pennine installed and drilled 50 king posts of 300mm nominal diameter to depths of approximately 10m. 

King post retaining walls are an area of specialism for Pennine. It has undertaken this work in various ground conditions throughout the UK. Pennine was selected to undertake this work due its expertise in restricted access work and its range of specialist restricted access plant and equipment. 

king post retaining wall



50 king posts installed and grouted.

Technical Information

Drilling equipment - KR709, QL120 hammer