Micro Piles

Bearing Pile Installation

Location:  New pavillion, Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket Club

Client: Rock & Alluvium

Project Overview

Lancashire County Cricket Club has revitalised its ground in recent years. The flagship part of the development was the redevelopment of the Pavillion. The whole redevelopment programme work had to be completed in time to host the Ashes in August 2013.

Pennine was instructed to work installing micro piles, tension piles and compression piles whilst operating within existing buildings and within a sensitive environment including during cricket matches. Pennine was also instructed to install several restricted access CFA piles. 

Pennine was selected to undertake this work due its expertise in restricted access work and its range of specialist restricted access plant and equipment. Acute physical constraints were present on the site and adjacent to the site which is located in a highly prizes conversation area. 

micro piles, foundation piles, soil nails













Actual ground conditions differed from those indicated. Consequently, there were changes to to the design and installation method and equipment as the job progressed. Pennine was able to accommodate these alterations due to its experienced work force and plant range.

Self drilling nails and Gewi bar were used in the installtion of piles up to 20m depth.

The new pavillion was redeveloped on schedule and is hosting the Ashes


Technical Information

Materials – Minova and DSI

Drilling equipment - Specially modified Techno Drill rig, KR802, KR709