Micro Piles

Underground Basement Installation

Location:  Ovington Square, Kensington, London

Client: Cranbrook Basements

Project Overview

Cranbrook Basements are specailists in the construction of residential basements particularly in prestigious London locations. Pennine was appointed to install tension micro piles which was key element in the development of a new underground basement.  Timely delivery of the basement work by Pennine was essential in enabling Cranbrook to achieve its building renovation of timetable of just under 9 months. 

Pennine's installation techniques cab be deployed in new multi basements as well as single basement applications. 

Pennine was selected to undertake this work due its expertise in restricted access work and its range of specialist restricted access plant and equipment. Acute physical constraints were present on the site and adjacent to the site which is located in a highly prizes conversation area. 

micro piles foundation piles



An array of mirco piles ground anchors were installed at depths of up to 12metres using a specially adapted crawler rig and head with remotely located plant. 

Technical Information

Soil Nails – Ischebeck 40/16

Drilling equipment - Specially modified Techno Drill rig