Micro Piles

Mezzanine Floor Installations

Location:  James Weir Building,
Strathclyde University

Client: Taylor & Fraser



foundation micro piles

Project Overview

Taylor and Fraser are a long establised main contractor sepcialising in public sector works. They enjoy an excellent reputation and are undertaking  significant building remodelling work for Strathclyde University.

Part of the work requires the reconfiguration of buildlings and the optimisation of the space by installing mezzanine floors within existing structures. Pennine used its soil nailing techniques in installing an array of micro piles.

Pennine was selected to undertake this work due its expertise in restricted access work. Acute physical constraints were present on the site requiring access to a range of restricted access plant and engineering ingenuity. Pennine performed the work during a series of night shfits so that other trades could operate during the day time. Pennine strives to achieve this co-ordinated work style in all circumstances.


30 mirco piles ground anchors were installed at depths of up to 15metres using combination of drill configurations


Technical Information

Soil Nails – Ischebeck 

Drilling equipment - Klemm 802

Drilling equipment - TD308