Bore Pile retaining wall

Access For All lift and platform work

Location:  Oxford Road, Manchester

Client: J Murphy & Sons, Network Rail



Kingpost retaining wall, Piling

Project Overview

Oxford Road station is one of the busiest commuter stations in Manchester. Under the Access For All scheme, major work was required to improve the platform and pedestrian lift facilities.

Pennine was instructed to install 43 number 340mm piles to depths of up to 8metres. The bores were drilled using case and augur techniques.

Work was undertaken during normal day time hours and with the all lines operating. Pennine had to plan its work to accommodate the commuter rush hours and the adjacent OLE. 





Drilling of 43umber 8 metre 340mm diameter bores

Pile reinforcement: CHS tubes




Technical Information

kr709 with bespoke mast configuration

Rig earthing required