Pneumatic Grout Pumps & Mixers

Specific items operated in our hire fleet include the following:

Pennine P1000A Paddle Mixer with Craelius ZBA-01 Piston Pump

ER100 Hand Operated Diaphram Pump with 20H Hand operated Paddle Mixer

Pennine P400A Paddle Mixer with Pennine P120A Pneumatic Monopump (Maximum output 80 litres/minute)

Pennine P3000A paddle mixer (3 cubic metre batch capacity) with Pennine P160A pneumatic monopump (max output 150 litres/minute)


Reader ER100 & 20H Hand operated diaphragm pumps and paddle mixers.
  • Maximum output 20 litres per minute, maximum pressure 80psi.
Sandpiper & Blagdon pneumatic flap valve and ball valve type diaphragm pumps.
  • Maximum output 160 litres per minute, maximum pressure 100psi.
Pennine pneumatic monopumps.
  • Maximum output upto 150 litres per minute, maximum pressures upto 150 psi.
Reader pneumatic and 110 volt electric wide throat pressure pointing pumps.
  • Maximum output upto 20 litres per minute, maximum pressure 90 psi. 
Craelius ZBA pneumatic high pressure piston pumps.
  • Maximum outputs upto 150 litres per minute, maximum pressure upto 1000 psi.
Pennine pneumatic paddle mixers
  • Batch capacities ranging from 200 litres to 3000 litres capable of mixing all types of cementitious pre-blended grouts and site mixing of bulk PFA and cement.




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