Self Contained Grout Pumps & Mixers

Pennine Drilling and Grouting operates a complete range of self-contained mixer units for use with all types of cementitious grouts, pointing and repair mortars.

Specific items operated in our hire fleet are as follows:

Colomo CX4/10

grouting T20

Colloidal - SD4 Collodial Mixer



Colcrete Colmono CX4/10 mixer/pump units.
  • Maximum outputs 2.5 cubic metres per hour, maximum pressure 150psi. Colloidal type mixer plus mono type pump unit driven by diesel/ V belt power source.
Turbosol T20 mixer pump units.
  • Maximum outputs 2.5 cubic metres per hour, maximum pressures 300 psi. Forced action paddle mixer plus mono type pump unit driven by diesel hydraulic power source. Able to handle upto 8mm aggregate size dependent on rotor/stator type.
Texsped Bunker B100 mixer pump units.
  • Mixer & pump unit capable of handling maximum aggregate sizes upto 12mm or pump unit capable of handling pump mix concretes with 20mm aggregate size. Diesel hydraulic power source.
Putzmeister P11SDVF
  • P11SDVF can be used with most types of ready mixed grout and floor screed materials with maximum aggregate size of 8mm and maximum delivery line size of 50mm.
Craelius Unigrout 200 / 01E grout platforms.
  • Each platform consists of a Craelius Cemix 200E electric colloidal grout mixer, a Pennine P400E grout agitator and a Craelius ZBE-01 electro-hydraulic piston pump capable of maximum outputs of 90 litres per minute or maximum pressures 1400psi.
Cretangle HD
  • Forced action pan mixers batch capacity 56 litres, diesel direct drive power source.
Grouting Platforms
Pennine Self contained High Pressure Geothermal Grouting Platform
  • Ideal for all types of cementitious & bentonite grouts. Max pressure 100bar, max output 6 cubic metres per hour. Will displace borehole mud at depths of over 100m. Can be fitted with separate geothermal loop and tremi-pipe feed system. Mounted on a robust skid base and comes with forklift pockets and chain lifting ports.
Colmono CX4/10 Mixer Pump Units
  • Max pressure 12 bar, max output 3 cubic metres per hour.                  
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