Drilling and grouting, shallow mine works

The Triangle, Oldham

Location:  Oldham

Client: Encia



shallow mine workings   shallow mine workings


Project Overview


Encia had been commissioned to remediate an old brownfield site and make it available for social housing within a particularly short timescale. Pennine Geotechnical Services was appointed to undertake the shallow mine works treatment. This included drilling and grouting in addition to the treatment of a number of shafts.

The site was on a number of different physical levels and hemmed in by existing housing and commercial properties.



Pennine worked within the guidleines : CIRIA SP32, Construction over abandoned mineworkings, drilling with water flush as standard.

Pennine located several mine shafts using an in house designed shaft platform drilling system and then stage treated thee shafts. Grouting was undertaken with a central high volume continuous batching plant and a mobile grouting set up.


Technical Information


Drill rig -  Klemm 802
Comono CX410
Turbosol T20
Grouting Plant