Ground Anchors

Tension Micro Piles

Location:  Bridlington

Client: Sheet Piling (UK)

Project Overview

Pennine was instructed by Sheet Piling (UK) to install series of tensions micro piles to hold back a sheet pile wall at Bridlington. The sheet piles were a temporary installation to enable excavation for the construction of a new pumping station

The installation and design both accommodated the presence of main sewers behind the temporary sheet pile wall. Pennine undertook the installation of load test cells and testing of all anchors post installation.

Work was undertaken during the winter on the sea front requiring special precautions to provide safe working conditions and to protect the works in progress.

Ground strata comprised gravelly sands and cohesive glacial till.


ground anchor contractor



Installation of 52 tension  micro piles

Testing to British Standard 

Technical Information

Drilling equipment – KR802

Materials  – DSI 38-500

Other  - 130mm bit